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We can help you figure it out. We focus on your unique situation and goals to help you make smart financial decisions that work for you. It could save you a lot of money, like it did the MacDonald family. With some simple advice from their Credit Union, they are now saving an extra $3,000 a year. What can one hour with a financial professional do for you? We can help you manage your money right too, and save it for what really matters.

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Expert Articles
Whether you’re just getting started, or fully engaged in your quest for more information, our expert articles will help shed light on your financial planning questions.

Why Track Your Spending Habits?
The little things add up – quickly. How much are you spending on snacks or parking? Before you know it you’ve spent hundreds of dollars with very little to show for it. By tracking your spending over 2-3 months, you start to see trends and habits.

What is Your Net Worth and What Does It Mean?
Today, a positive net worth can sometimes be a challenging goal to reach. Understanding your own personal net worth and the reasons behind it will help you improve your financial position.

Want to Build Your Savings Faster?
Understanding your financial position will offer you a sense of how much you can save. Find tips like paying yourself first and spending less than what you earn, along with helpful calculators to get you on track to building your savings faster.

How Can You Pay Down Debt Sooner?
Canadian consumer debt has climbed to record levels. Make this the year you take steps to get a handle on your debt load.

Investing 101
Are you ready to start thinking about investments? Find some questions to consider, like where you can find the money to invest. Answering these questions will help you determine what kind of investment strategy works for you now and in the future.