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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What browser should I use for online banking?
  2. What are cookies?
  3. What is encryption?
  4. What screen settings should I use?
  5. What are plug-ins?
  6. What is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM, Java VM)?
  7. How can I contact technical support?

What browsers should I use for online banking?

Browers are the software programs you use to access the internet and they have seen significant improvements over the years. Please ensure that the browser you are using to access you account online is a current version.

We recommed unsing 128-bit browsers, containing the highest level of encryption generalyy available, and providing you with the best protection when sending confidential information over the internet. Updating your browser will allow us to provide the best and most-secure experience online.

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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file that sits on your computer and contains certain information that a Web site creates and sends to your browser to remember your information.

As you use the site, cookies are passed back and forth between our server and your browser.

Specifically, we use two kinds of cookies - session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie exists only for the length of your browsing session and is deleted when you close your browser. A persistent cookie is a cookie that stays on your computer after you close your browser. A persistent cookie may or may not expire on a given date. We use persistent cookies to support optional features that provide you with the ability to personalize the site and to make it easier to use.

We use a session cookie to maintain the integrity of your Internet banking session. With each page that you visit, the cookie is passed back and forth between our server and your browser. We use the cookie to distinguish your session from the many others that may be happening at the same time. Our session cookies never store any personal information, like your name, or date of birth, or financial information, such as your accounts and balances. Your browser must accept the session cookie in order for you to use Online Banking.

Most recent browser versions allow the user to set some level of control over which cookies are accepted and how your browser uses them. Many browsers will allow you to accept cookies from only known, reliable sites that you select such as this one. If you are concerned about cookies, we encourage you to upgrade your browser to a recent version and review the Help section of your browser to learn more about its specific control features.

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What is encryption?

Encryption is the process of converting data into a secure and random format for transmission, so that it is extremely difficult for any one but the intended user to decode. It's just like writing a letter, converting it into secret code and mailing it where the recipient descrambles the secret code upon receiving the letter. There are 2 levels of encryption generally available in web browsers: 40-bit encryption, and 128-bit encryption. MemberDirect requires users to have a web browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

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What screen settings should I use?

This site is best viewed at screen settings of 800 by 600 pixels or 1024 by 768 pixels. To change your screen setting, RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on your DESKTOP, select PROPERTIES, click on the SETTINGS tab and adjust the SCREEN RESOLUTION AREA. Click on APPLY. Then, click OK.

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What are plug-ins?

A plug-in is an optional application that you can download and store on your hard drive. Your computer may not be able to play sounds, video clips or animations without the proper plug-ins. This site takes advantage of several plug-ins necessary to receive features such as animated images. Below is a complete list of plug-ins used on the site and where you can download them.

What is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM, Java VM)?

The Java Virtual Machine developed by Sun Microsystems enables just about any online application including online calculators to run on just about any computer, anywhere.

To install the latest Java Virtual Machine on your computer please visit Sun's download page, which detects whether automatic installation is available for your system when you click on "Get It Now", or download the Java Software manually.

For more information about the Java Virtual Machine and/or how to troubleshoot issues, please see the Java Technology website.

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What is My Profile used for?

When you create a personal profile, we can generate a banking experience specific to your interests and needs. Our personalization features allow you to select the information you receive by e-mail (i.e. e-newsletters) and to track your portfolio online. Once you have created a profile, your preferences are recorded and loaded when you next visit the site.

You can select up to 10 different stock symbols and your stocks will be tracked in the portlet to the right. You can also follow your choice of market indices and customize your receipt of our e-newsletters.

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How can I contact technical support?

Please contact us using our online support feedback form. For general inquiries please contact us at 709-737-5624 or Toll Free 1-800-409-2887 Go To Top